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FFT Fleet Cleaner Products






Cars & Trucks



FFC Marine Product for clean Marine bilge of oily water and other biocontaniments.



FFT Laundry Products

Laundry Cleaner and Power Powder?

FFT Laundry Products remove hard to clean drill mud and oil based stains Extensive testing in the energy industry and the US Military have shown that FFT Laundry Products will have a major financial impact.

  •   Washing work uniforms and gloves with FFT product will increase the usable life of the products
  • FFT extends the life of washing machines and reduces washing machine maintenance

Worker issues

  • FFT helps maintain flame resistance of FR clothing for crew safety
  • Only FFT can effectively remove / prevent petroleum hydrocarbon buildup in FR clothing – a fire hazard for workers
  • No skin irritation from high pH soaps
  • Reduces or eliminates diesel odors
  • Safer and cleaner overall working environment



FFT Technologies Products provide the absolute lowest lifecycle cost!